LaPaella is an expression of the grace of the Spanish
culture, the charm of its people and the irresistibly fresh
flavors of Spanish cuisine in a fun, casual setting.


Jean-David Sauser’s passion for the Spanish culinary tradition is inherited from his mother. It is her paella to which he holds all others in comparison. And it was his desire to create something as delicious and as memorable as his mother’s signature dishes that has inspired and driven him to create LaPaella – The Fresh Spanish Experience.



The handcrafted, fresh, made-to-order paella, bocata sandwiches, tapas, drinks and desserts are the stars at LaPaella. Chef-driven dishes are made in moments and feature ingredients like garden fresh tomatoes, smoked paprika, chicken, chorizo, shellfish and saffron. The result is a dining experience so authentic, it feels like your favorite tradition, rediscovered.



LaPaella is a modern reinterpretation of traditional Spanish dining and culture. The friendly setting opens up an invitation to explore vibrant, irresistible flavors – expressed through fresh made-to-order paella, bocata sandwiches, tapas, drinks and desserts — and to celebrate family, friendship and togetherness.

“I carried the idea for LaPaella in my back pocket for many years.
It is an adaptation of old continent cuisine to America’s
fast-paced lifestyle.”

Jean-David Sauser, Founder/CEO

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